With the pandemic not leaving us alone anytime soon, there are high chances that your employer will adjust to the remote working standards. Therefore, it is time for you to prioritize your health over managing remote work.

A new year brings new opportunities. This is the perfect time for you keep aside the struggle to manage personal and professional and give a little attention to your health. The health hazards still prevailing to captivate our lives have also made us realize that we need to pay more attention where it is due. Our lives have not been the same since the coronavirus outbreak. A lot of us have lost our loved ones to the fatal virus and the rest are struggling to minimize their risk of catching the virus while  its spread keeps increasing through new variants.

Ever since the COVID outbreak, majority of the employees are working from home. Even as many organizations desperately want to revive the old work standards by asking their employees to return to the office, the revised COVID19 work restrictions are not allowing them to do so. In addition, many employees are nowhere close to bowing down to strict in-office requirements and this has resulted in a movement – The Great Resignation.

The Great Resignation has just begun and over 4 million employees have resigned from their job leaving millions of job openings and a hard time for companies to recess the whole situation.

If your employer desires to have you come back to the office, know that there are more chances that this just a false alarm and probably used as way to reinforce your duties while working from home.

For this, first thing you need to do is have a high-speed and stable internet service. With a high-speed internet connection like that from Smithville Internet, you can easily minimize the remote work connectivity issues.

However, as far as keeping your health in check is considered, there is a bunch of things that you should be doing. If you have not started already, then here we are to help you with our tips.

Prioritize Hydration

You might have heard many people telling you to drink eight full glasses of water. While there is no harm in sticking to this common hydration advice, you can always try exploring another school of thought. The orthopedic surgeon and director of Centre for Women’s Sports Health at NYU, Cordelia W. Carter said that your water intake depends upon your activity level and the types of food you eat in a day. This means that if you take more citrus fruit in your diet such as strawberries, watermelon, or celery, then you do not have to take eight full glasses of water to stay hydrated. This is because the food items contains 90% of water so it will cover up your hydration needs.

However, it is always better to check in with your doctor to understand your water needs.

Take Breaks

Despite what people say about remote working, you need a break to increase your productivity levels. The latest survey has found that most people working from home skip lunch break and spend most of their time on their work desks[1] .

If you are doing the same then you need some break. You should get up from your desk to do anything you like and give your body the rest it needs. Make sure you set a timer or alarm on your smartphone that reminds you to take a break every 60 or 90 minutes.

Bottom Line

Your productivity does not depend upon the time you spend in your home office or on your desk. Instead, balancing out your health with work from home should be your major goal this year.

Try mentioning what survey you are talking about. Add a source link or at least specify who, what, where and WHEN the survey was done. This statement is vague and doesn’t really tell anything.

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