The professional hot air gun is par excellence, the best weapon for DIY enthusiasts. Its shape closely resembles that of a normal hairdryer, and actually, its use is not that different.

This is because the professional heat gun also has the purpose of blowing hot air out, albeit for reasons other than those of the hairdryer. If, therefore, you are curious to discover the many functions of this fascinating work tool, continue reading.

What is the heat gun, and what is it for?

As mentioned, the main feature of the heat gun consists in blowing the air out at very high temperatures, although in a very different way compared to the hairdryer.

This is because the professional heat gun with which this tool is equipped releases a power that is much higher than that of any hairdryer and the temperature of the air that comes out is quite high, hovering around 500 degrees centigrade.

Its operation, therefore, is rather elementary and well known to anyone who has used it at least once in its existence.

Its characteristic tapered shape is characterized by the fact that it has a rear part through which to suck in the air. Once it has been aspirated, it is heated inside the instrument and then fired out at the very high temperature mentioned above.

It should be emphasized that this type of heat gun is characterized by the fact that it is equipped with a switch to adjust the power, which is why it is also possible to shoot the air out at lower temperatures.

It can be an adjustable temperature heat gun or a standard one. A standard type hot air gun, to be clear, will have three different power levels, which coincide with as many degrees which, specifically, are:

250 degrees: this is the ideal temperature in case you want to carry out work related to the bending of the plastic or, alternatively, if what we have to do is remove the paint from a wooden surface.

350 degrees: by increasing the power of one hundred degrees, however, our gun will allow us, at this point, to unlock rusty bolts or screws. It is absolutely one of the most uncomfortable and burdensome jobs that could happen to us and, precisely for this reason, it is very important to do it at this temperature, which is the right one.

500 degrees : the use of the maximum power that this instrument makes available is advisable in case we have to deal with metal or copper. In fact, in some situations, we may need to bend, weld, or model pipes made from this type of material. The 500 degrees of our heat gun, in cases like these, could prove to be a very valuable aid.

As we can see, therefore, the heated air gun stands as an extremely useful object in the home, essential for those who like to dedicate themselves to DIY. But, going more specifically, what are the uses for which this magnificent instrument is intended? Let’s find out together.

 Heat gun: how to best use it?

The heat gun, as can be seen, can prove to be a precious tool capable of helping us when we find ourselves having to perform those small but fundamental household chores that sometimes we necessarily have to do.

In fact, there are many operations for which we can use this precious tool and, specifically, they are:

  • The stripping of a surface: it may sometimes happen that we necessarily have to carry out this delicate operation on surfaces of wood, steel or other materials. Stripping with a heat gun can be very useful, making the task much less cumbersome.
  • Quickly dry a surface that we have previously treated with glue, paint and substances of this type.
  • Detach two objects previously attached to each other.
  • Bending metal and plastic pipes or similar objects.
  • Modeling objects, pipes or, in general, things made of plastic or metal.
  • Shaping the plexiglass: material that, by its nature, is difficult to malleable, but thanks to our gun we will also overcome this obstacle.
  • The removal of moisture from electronic components: an extremely delicate operation that, thanks to the help of our precious instrument, we will be able to carry out with ease.
  • Unscrew the rusted screws and bolts.
  • Thaw the pipes frozen by the water.
  • Remove the carpet by means of a neckline job.
  • Shrink elements.

As we have been able to see, therefore, the heat gun has a great versatility of use and is perfect to help us carry out those small, annoying household chores that, without the help of this precious tool, would prove to be really problematic.

The problems given by the use of our gun are to be noted in its potential danger. In fact, it is necessary to pay close attention when using it, precisely because of its powerful jet of boiling air and this is especially true if there are children in the room.

To this we must then add that the gun is powered by the current, consuming about 1500 watts and also for this reason it is always better to handle it with great caution.

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