It’s not easy to run a gas station by just selling gas for the automobiles that pull up at your station. You won’t be able to make two ends meet with that kind of a business model but with hassle-free gas station business funding in New York, it will be easier. Selling automobile gas won’t get you enough profits to grow your business but with add-ons like a convenience store, billboards and digital signage, car wash, air, and water machines, etc. you can actually add a lot of value to your gas station. This is optimum utilization of resources to make consistent profits.

Unfortunately, nobody ever thought that something like the pandemic would ever disrupt the world of business as it did and is still doing. It has not just increased the cost of sustainable businesses that have survived but has also hammered down profits badly. With things beginning to look up, businesses are looking for merchant cash advance in New York to get going. This isn’t as easy as it sounds because lenders closely look at the cash flow of businesses that seek funding, and most businesses have badly-disrupted cash flow due to the pandemic.

Stock up the inventory of your convenience store

Over 80% of gas stations in the United States have convenience stores and their profitability is such that the very description of the business has changed. It is no longer said that gas stations have convenience stores but the opposite – i.e. convenience stores selling automobile fuel.

How well your gas station is doing obviously depends on the kind of footfall you are able to generate and your convenience store determines that to a large extent. It needs to have adequate stock in order to attract customers but if you are low on stock, don’t get stressed and start wondering, “Where can I get cash advance near me in New York?” It’s available quite easily.

Install billboards and digital signage at your gas station

Your gas station is prime real estate and is located alongside state and interstate highways as well as other important roads. A lot of traffic passes through these routes making them a vital location for advertisers to display their visual communications for their audiences.

If you install billboards and digital signage in your gas station directed optimally at your customers and other motorists who pass by, many advertisers will buy the communication space. Installing such billboards and digital signage is expensive but with senior debt funding in New York, you can easily install them.

Find the right lender for access to easy funding

Wherever you may be located, it is important that you find the right lending company to access fast funding for your gas station business. The need for credit arises quite regularly in business and unless you are able to meet these needs easily, running the business can be difficult.

When you deal with a reputable lending agency like Alternative Funding Group, you are assured of hassle-free access to credit on convenient terms. They have extended funds of over $250 million over the last 6 years to businesses of all sizes and are known for the speed at which they operate.

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