Entrepreneurs can have a tough time marketing their products and services and boosting their brand awareness among customers and investors. Participating in trade shows and conventions can be very effective for networking with peers, building credibility and authority, and interacting with your target audience. Using custom printed tablecloths and runners works well for leaving behind a professional and memorable impression of your business. According to Forbes, participating in events makes your brand more approachable. The sheer variety and the endless possibilities of imprint style and sizes can make choosing a tablecloth bewildering.

Different Types of Table Covers

Standard table covers: It is a simple loose-hanging fabric covering the table. These simple tablecloths are also the most widely used type in workshops, seminars, conventions, restaurants, and outdoor catering events. The standard tablecloth covers the entire tabletop and hangs down on all four sides. These table covers are versatile as you can cover the top of the table, and the overhang is sufficient for you to hide any supplies you might want to store under the table but out of sight.

Fitted tablecloths: The benefit of using fitted table covers is that they wrap tightly around the sides of the table and do not wrinkle or develop pleats. They are perfect for transporting and using in events because you can display your business logo and name without having to deal with distortion. They add to the aesthetics and look very professional when you use an all-over print using an advanced dye sublimation process. If there is a need to keep costs down, you can use three-sided table covers that drape to the floor on the front and the sides but leave the back open. You use less material and have easy access to materials stored under the table but do not compromise on the look.

Round table covers: Round tablecloths are popular at events where there are groups of participants sitting at different tables to converse with each other easily and network over drinks and dinner. These tablecloths can be either loose or fitted, in which care you can imprint them with your company logo and tagline for 360-degree visibility. Alternatively, you can use a draped round table throw with the top displaying your business logo and name.

Runners: Table runners are strips of fabric draped over a standard table cover. Typically, they run from the back to the front for displaying the business logo, although you can have runners that run across the length of the table and down both sides. Most often, you have the main imprint appearing on the front of the runner facing the audience, although you can also choose to continue the design on the top of the table cover for enhanced focus on the brand. Where the sides of the table are visible, it can be worthwhile to have lateral table runners with logos printed on the drops on each side.


Using table covers and runners for brand promotion is cost-effective and impactful. You can have a set of standard table covers, round table covers, and runners ready with you so that you can use them as you need at different events.

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