Seth Morgan

The son of a wealthy Ivory Soap mogul, Seth Morgan was born in 1922. His father was an important figure in American literature, founding and long-time editor of the Hudson Review. Seth went to Berkeley briefly and then began a relationship with singer Janis Joplin. They were engaged at the time of her death. Seth’s father passed away in 1994. Seth’s mother was an ardent defender of the arts, and his father supported his interests.


Seth Morgan’s debut novel, HOMEBOY, is a wildly complex and multi-threaded tale of the life of a junky/strip club barker, Joe Speaker. With an ensemble of supporting characters and a prize jewel at its core, this novel is an exhilarating mix of genres and cliches. It also features a prized anti-hero and two heart-warming hookers. In addition to its complex storyline, HOMEBOY also features a linguistic surprise that will leave you speechless. Morgan strips language to almost street-legal poetry and has created a novel that reads like poetry.

The book is about a heroin addict, and is inspired by Morgan’s own experiences. Although Morgan hasn’t had much success writing about prisons, he was an accomplished writer and his novel Homeboy reflected this life experience. Although Morgan has been in jail several times, his life isn’t as bleak as the heroin addicts he depicts. Although he spent time in prison for armed robbery, he tries to overcome his past and write about his experiences in this novel.

Old Habits

In Seth Morgan’s Old Habits, a boy from the future is attempting to stay in touch with his mate Aislinn. However, he is confronted with the fact that he hasn’t seen her in seven months. To avoid any more trouble, Seth takes Leslie to the Realm of Faerie where High Queen Sorcha adopts him and turns him into a faerie. As a result, Seth becomes heir to the High Court and declares himself King of Solitary, which makes him the mate of Aislinn Foy.

Born and raised in Huntsdale, Pennsylvania, Seth Morgan was influenced by his father’s love of traveling. His father served in the U.S. Marine Corps, while his mother was a lollipop saleswoman. When the two of them were older, the Morgans began to travel for work and pleasure. They used train cars as their personal sanctuary. Seth often visited other cities and converted them into their own abodes.

Fragile Eternity

The Wicked Lovely Series continues with the third book, ‘Fragile Eternity’. Though not a sequel, it is a companion novel that focuses on different characters. This urban fantasy novel follows Seth Morgan, who struggles to fit in with the fae. We are introduced to three new characters: Seth, Aislinn, and Sorcha.

Seth’s life started with a traumatic childhood. His parents, a hopeless alcoholic, divorced three times, and had nannies care for their children. Seth was the middle child, “allergic to authority,” and the fourth of six siblings. Fortunately, his parents had left trust funds that would provide him with money each month to care for his siblings. His parents also travelled frequently, and he took advantage of the opportunity to transform train cars into a safe haven.

As the story progresses, Seth discovers that Aislinn is the mother of Keenan, the prince of the Dark Court, and her sister, Aislinn. Initially, the three courts are competing for the right to protect Seth. Summer and Niall claim Seth as their queen’s lover. Winter, on the other hand, is interested in helping Seth because he distracts Aislinn from her obsession with Keenan. Ultimately, he tries to win the dark court’s friendship in exchange for blood.

Wicked Lovely

Wicked Lovely by Melissa Marr is a mystical urban fantasy series about faeries and a human who seeks to protect them. This book ends the Wicked Lovely trilogy. It concludes the plotlines of the previous books and adds a few new ones. The storyline takes an unexpected turn. The witch, Aislinn, is stalked by two faeries, one human and one demonic. She flees to the city to seek protection and safety. In the process, Seth becomes obsessed with Aislinn and believes in her stories.

Final Words:

The series’ main theme is choices. In one book, Melissa Marr discusses the importance of making choices. In the sequel, “Fragile Eternity,” she comments on the limitations of the choices we make. The characters in this book start to embrace their fey identities and find new possibilities when they face challenges. The series is a must-read for fans of urban fantasy, YA fiction, and contemporary faerie romances.

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