Considering buying an inflatable paint booth from Alibaba? We’ve found several options to suit your needs. You can choose from brands on alibaba such as Nordstrand, Orionet, and PeaceWin. This article will compare some of these options and provide information on the pros of each. Read on to learn more. Listed below are our top picks. Which one is right for your needs? Let us know in the comments section!

There are several types of inflatable paint booths available in the market. Some of them are LuckyWe inflatable paint booths. Read on to discover what to look for when buying an Inflatable Paint Booth. I hope this article has helped you make a decision. There are many different kinds of inflatable paint booths available in the market, but PeaceWin stands out from the crowd. Its quality materials and excellent filtering system make it an excellent choice for your business. It also comes with large windows and one blower for inflation and filtering. PeaceWin is available in 6 different sizes and also includes a convenient tool room, making it an ideal choice for your workshop.

Alibaba’s inflatable paint booth

If you’re looking for an inflatable paint booth for sale, you have come to the right place. Alibaba’s vast inventory includes a wide variety of options, from a small portable one to a large, fully enclosed tent. Choose from a wide variety of colors, sizes, and styles to find the right one for your business. If you don’t have much room in your garage or shed, you can also purchase an indoor version.


The best inflatable paint booth is the PeaceWin. It is a high quality unit, made of durable materials. Its filtering system is effective, and its large windows keep out dust and light, which is good for artists. It comes with one blower for inflation and filtering, and it comes in 6 different sizes. In addition, the PeaceWin comes with a convenient tool room. 

Some manufacturers offer paint booths in different sizes. When purchasing, keep in mind that some inflatable paint booths are movable while others are not. If you are concerned about noise and safety, you may consider purchasing an inflatable paint booth with a fan attached.


The Orionet inflatable paint booth has a lightweight, durable design that fits easily in the back of your vehicle. The paint booth can be inflated in less than one minute, and it comes with two air blowers – one pumping air into the unit and the other pumping fresh air into the working chamber. This means that you can paint in the privacy you desire, or work with the friends and family you love.

The Orionet inflatable paint booth comes with a durable, UV-resistant fabric. This durable material is also PU-coated, which improves its durability and helps reduce overspray. The Orionet is available in six sizes to suit the needs of different businesses and paint enthusiasts. Other popular brands are LuckyWe, which comes with a convenient tool room and excellent customer reviews. So which paint booth is right for you?

While most paint booths come with two blowers, some require both blowers to work properly. Others just need one blower for inflation and the other for interior air filtering. Larger booths may be more durable and portable. Additionally, some inflatable paint booths are soundproof. These are great for workshops or events where the paint booth is a necessity for your business.

It is made from high-quality materials, features a good filtering system, and comes with large windows to keep out the sun. It also doesn’t require internal lighting, and is available in several sizes. This booth also has a convenient tool room. If you’re planning on renting an Orionet Inflatable Paint Booth, make sure to check out the reviews.


A Sewinfla inflatable paint booth comes with several optional accessories, including an exhaust fan and air filter. They are registered with the EPA and help keep the paint space clean and dry. To reduce the risk of fire, you can also choose an exhaust fan with a 12″ explosion-proof rating and non-spark flex ducting. Here are some tips on choosing the best accessories for your new paint booth.

Some manufacturers offer paint booths in various sizes, while others only offer one default size. If you’re looking for a mobile paint booth, consider your car’s capacity and weight before making your purchase. Some inflatable paint booths are lightweight and portable.

The Sewinfla paint booth offers the most flexible sizes and features. There are 12 different sizes to choose from, including one that’s camouflage. A paint booth that looks like a jungle-themed tent is perfect for any outdoor event, including a wedding. Quality materials are essential in any paint booth. Sewinfla paint booths have double zippers, a filter, and deflation vents. Many of these models come with a convenient tool room and a double-layer filter system for filtered air.


An inflatable paint booth is a great way to separate your working area from the rest of the house. These units come in different sizes and weights, some manufacturers offer multiple sizes while others have only one. You can also find paint booths that are soundproof and water-resistant.

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