Since Pantone announced the 2022 representative colors – girl pink and serene blue, whether it is wearing makeup or nail art, are these two pink and dreamy colors to attack? Let the galglitter pop color crawl on your fingertips! 

Style 1. “Monochromatic” simple interlacing is beautiful. 

No need for skills or beauty because girly pink and serene blue are beautiful enough on their own, and together they add a bit more of a dreamy feel. 

Style 2. “Color block” stacking is simple and ingenious

If you want to be more ingenious than a single color, using “color blocks” to add layers is a good way. In particular, to successfully create a beautiful gradient, the most important thing is “don’t be afraid to paint your hands”! The bold lines will be beautiful, and any nail polish that goes beyond the surface of the nail, just wipe it off with a nail shampoo. 

Style 3. “Gradient color” to create beautiful and great value 

The gradual gradation from girly pink to serene blue is the limit of dreamy beauty! And don’t think it’s hard to paint a gradient. As long as you have a makeup sponge on hand, you can also paint a beautiful galglitter nail polish gradient. 

Style 4. Hollowed-out “unfilled nail” continues to be popular 

The “uncut nail” that has been trending since 2015 is simple, sharp, and chic, and when paired with pink and dreamy quartz pink and serene blue, it finds the perfect balance between sexiness and girliness. 

Style 5: Natural “rendering” is cute and mature 

The natural “rendering” style is on the mature side, but the natural but still cute halo shape is also very popular, and the DIY principle can be accomplished with a sponge. 

Style 6. High-grade variation with full attention 

Of course, if you are highly skilled or are used to having your nails done at a nail salon, then don’t miss out on the more difficult variation of nail colors.

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