The second iteration of the Reaper set is now out. See how much each piece is in the store.

Valorant skins are some of the main features that many players enjoy in the game. Riot has released tons of bundles, which have been met with varying degrees of success. The Reaver set is one of the most popular cosmetics ever released. With the release of a new bundle of this theme, many gamers can look forward to adding it to their collection.

Reaver 2.0 Goes Live!

After days of leaks teasing players, Riot finally released the highly anticipated Reaver 2.0. The Reaver bundle is one of the most popular bundles in the game, which explains why the news of a new set became so viral. The second iteration of the collection was finally made available to Valorant accounts during Patch 5.03.

The Reaver 2.0 features guns that were not included in the previous bundle. Like the previous one, players can buy a Premium version of the set, providing an additional player card. Here are all the prices of the guns and the whole bundle:

  • Reaver Ghost – 1,175 VP
  • Reaver Spectre – 1,175 VP
  • Reaver Odin – 1,175 VP
  • Reaver Phantom – 1,175 VP
  • Reaver Karambit – 4,350 VP
  • Player card –375 VP
  • Spray – 325 VP
  • Gun Buddy – 475 VP
  • Whole Collection – 7,100 VP

While players expected the bundle to be very pricy, gamers did not expect the Karambit to be more than half of the price of the whole thing. Gamers who choose to buy the entire set will save up to 5,525 VP. The complete bundle will also include all the player cards, spray, and buddy.

The original Reaver set was released way back on October 27, 2022, and is still one of the most coveted cosmetics in the game. The first iteration contained the Sheriff, Guardian, Vandal, Operator, and Knife skins. The other melee weapon is cheaper than the Karambit with its 3550 VP price.

Reaver 2.0 Got Leaked

Rumors about a second Reaver set were revealed after a trusted leaker released images of the bundle in @valorantleaksen, a popular Twitter handles that consistently posts teasers. Many players were hyped up when they found out they could soon own new variants of this set. The leaks were only confirmed by developers just a few days before the collection’s launch in patch 5.03.

The Reaver set isn’t the only collection that received a second iteration. Other bundles such as Glitchpop, Magepunk, and Prime had 2.0 versions. There are no other leaks that would indicate which skins will have an update.

If players were to assume, the most popular collections would receive new skins for guns that they haven’t covered yet. These most popular bundles included Ion, BlastX, Oni, and Elderflame. Due to the lack of details, gamers will have to wait for any official announcement or leaks. 

All the Valorant Skins Available

Aside from the Reaver 2.0, there are many other bundles that players are looking to own. Cosmetics is one of the most focused features in the game as gamers are looking to own the latest and hottest selections. Here are all the existing sets in Valorant:

  • Reaver 2.0
  • Run It Back
  • Sarmad
  • Prelude to Chaos
  • Xenohunter
  • Neptune
  • Titanmail
  • Endeavor
  • Team Ace
  • Gaia’s Vengeance
  • Undercity
  • Tigris
  • Protocol 781-A
  • Run it Back 2
  • Snowfall
  • VCT Champions 2021
  • Magepunk Ep. 3
  • Arcane
  • Radiant Crisis 001
  • Nunca Olvidados
  • RGX 11z Pro
  • Valorant GO! Vol. 2
  • Spectrum
  • Recon
  • Sakura
  • Sentinels of Light
  • Ruination
  • Give Back
  • Origin
  • Tethered Realms
  • Minima
  • Forsaken
  • Silvanus
  • Magepunk
  • Infantry
  • Prime 2.0
  • Valorant GO! Vol. 1
  • Celestial
  • Glitchpop 2.0
  • Horizon
  • Prism II
  • Run it Back
  • BlastX
  • Winterwunderland
  • Sensation
  • Wasteland
  • Ion
  • Reaver
  • Singularity
  • Gravitational Uranium Neuroblaster
  • Smite
  • Ego
  • Spline
  • Nebula
  • Glitchpop
  • Oni
  • Elderflame
  • Prism
  • Sovereign
  • Prime

Most of these skins are available in the store on a rotating schedule. However, these items are no longer offered in bundles, so players must buy them individually. Limited edition cosmetics such as Arcane will no longer appear in the shop, so gamers who missed the chance to buy them no longer have any means to acquire them.

Owning gun skins does not have any bearing on Valorant accounts’ gameplay. These sets are purely cosmetic, so gamers can enjoy the game further. Players should remember that bundles, such as the Reaver 2.0, are only available once, so don’t miss the chance to buy the whole collection.

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