Learn all there is to know about OSRS’ Tombs of Amascut and the bosses you’ll soon be able to face.

Tombs of Amascut or Raids 3 is the most anticipated PvM update of 2022 for OSRS. The developing team has been constantly and consistently working on this new and fantastic piece of content where you’ll be able to test your skills and earn OSRS Gold doing so. They have heard and incorporated your feedback to bring out a very satisfying new piece of group content. Jagex finally announced an official launch date after giving plenty of unofficial ones. Tombs of Amascut is scheduled to go live on the 24th of August! Grab your best gear and be prepared to face fearsome bosses that drop some nice uniques.

But Before That…

Raids 3 is locked behind a quest series that ends with the Beneath Cursed Sands quest. The quest was released quite sometime before the official release date for Tombs of Amascut to give you plenty of time to drag yourself to completing the quest to unlock the zone. It also serves as a good tease for the Raids itself and an opportunity for Jagex to introduce you to the desert environment of the upcoming PvM update.

The quest will also allow you to familiarize yourself with the routes you could take to arrive at the Raids 3 location. It will also give you a feel of where you’re standing combat-wise. If you’re struggling to kill the quest bosses, you’ll likely need to train your combat and invest some OSRS GP to upgrade your gear. And don’t worry, you’ll get it back as the drops from Tombs Of Amascut will surely be worth a fair amount of OSRS Gold.

The Unique Features of Tombs of Amascut

There are some unique features to Tombs of Amascut that you cannot encounter in any of the other raids. Here are some of them:

Face the OSRS Bosses Your Way

Theatre of Blood has a fixed boss rotation, and you’ll encounter them in the same specific order every time you play it. Meanwhile, Chambers of Xeric has a relatively random order in which you’ll encounter the bosses, so it will feel different every time you play it. For Tombs of Amascut, it will allow you and your team to freely choose the order in which you’ll engage each of the bosses.

Choosing Your Difficulty

This is a common feature with the other raids. Chambers of Xeric has its challenge mode, and Theatre of Blood has its story mode, the standard difficulty, and the hard mode. Tombs of Amascut will also allow you to choose the difficulty through invocations.

The OSRS Bosses

So far, Jagex has only released information about four bosses:

  • Akkha – Guardian of Het,
  • Ba-Ba – Guardian of Apmeken
  • Kephri – Guardian Of Scarabas
  • Zebak – Guardian Of Crondis

Akkha is the only human boss. His story brings him close to undead, but most likely in a similar fashion as the skeletal wyverns; he won’t be considered an undead by the book, so OSRS items such as the salve amulet won’t work on him. This is because, as part of the cult that venerated Amascut herself, he tried to end his current existence in a group suicide with the other cult members. His poison failed, so he remained alive but “trapped on the brink of death.”

Ba-ba is a boss in the form of a baboon. She’s a female baboon from a matriarchal baboon family she ruled. Sadly, her offsprings weren’t a success for her, and when she realized that her heir would be a failure, she decided to make a deal with Amascut. As part of the deal, both she and her family became immortal. In exchange, they are serving Amascut in their corrupted form.

The third boss, Kephri, was turned insane by Amascut. She was thirsty for knowledge, but now she could not read nor write anymore. Her layer is a library, the symbol of the knowledge she sought. She’s a scarab, and her offsprings surround her.

Lastly, Zebak is a crocodile-shaped boss who’s hungry—like most crocodiles are. One of his main treats, besides hunger, is deceitfulness. Because he was weak and couldn’t catch his prey, he deceived all the other crocodiles. He would lure them after they caught food and kill them to steal their food. His only problem was that he ran out of crocodiles to lure. That’s when Amascut offered him food in exchange for serving her. It was a deal he couldn’t refuse.

Final Considerations

Now that the release date for Tombs of Amascut has been officially set, complete the Beneath Cursed Sands quest and get a teleportation means to bring you close to the raid’s location. You can unlock Fairy Rings, get a Pharaoh Scepter, or a Desert Amulet 3 or 4. To ensure you’re one of the first to try out this awesome group content and earn some decent OSRS Gold, work on your combat skills and invest some OSRS Gold in upgrading your gear. Bring your best self to this huge update!

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