A brand new class, skins, and raids

With August half over, Lost Ark fans are waiting on the next round of updates and additions in September. The Maharaka Festival in the game is still in full swing and will end on Sept. 28, but some players are starting to get bored of the same old activities. That or farming Lost Ark gold is getting old.

Let’s look at what’s coming in the game for September, shall we?

Lost Ark Quality of Life Update

The September updates will come in two parts. The first one improves the game’s QoL to bring the Western version up to speed with the Korean one. These will also pave the way for the upcoming content patches. Here are the most notable upgrades to the game:

  • General Chat improvements and a Global Chat and Guild Group Chat
  • Cross-server sociability, including the ability to add friends from another server and interact with them in Strongholds
  • New starting hairstyles
  • Trixion Training Grounds will be a better experience for build experimentation and more skill points
  • There will be a PvP balance patch
  • Improved controller support
  • Better settings for PvP
  • Improved Guild systems

There will be more updates than the ones listed above. We’ll get a complete list when it goes live.

Upcoming Additions to the Game

  • The Machinist

The Gunner class is getting a new advanced job: the Machinist. Aside from the usual guns, it’ll add lasers to their repertoire of attacks. With every battle becoming a laser light show, it will make fights more exciting and spectacular.

What makes it even better is its identity skill, which makes them suit up in a Hypersync suit. That’s right–you can fight in Arkesia suited up in power armor or a mecha suit. You can charge up its energy cores by landing attacks, and entering the state will use them up until they run out.

The Machinist will make you a walking arsenal of lasers and guns with a badass suit. Look forward to this class’ release!

  • Kakul-Saydon Legion Raid

The next commander of the Legion, Kakul-Saydon, steps up with his own raid. This time, you’ll face the Midnight Circus in their deranged and manic brand of fun. The dungeon has three gates and no revives, so make every attack and dodge count.

Unlike Valtan and Vykas, Kakul-Saydon is a 4-player raid. It also has very different mechanics, characteristics, and abilities. Be ready for anything and everything because you never know what’s hiding in a clown’s sleeve.

The minimum requirement for entering the raid is item level 1475, but a practice version may be started with 1385 iLvl. Make use of it and figure out the teamwork and defenses against the various things the raid may throw at you; your team will need it to defeat the bosses on the more challenging difficulties.

  • New Lost Ark Skins and More!

Along with the above, a slew of new Lost Ark skins will be released sometime during the month. On the official news page of the game, the picture for this section depicts a school uniform-like skin and other more casual outfits. There could be more that aren’t pictured if those don’t appeal to your preferences.

Unspecified events are also in the lineup of the September updates. While these aren’t confirmed yet, we’ll learn more when the month arrives, and the Maharaka Festival is near its end. Overlapping events can be done, but too much of it can overwhelm players. Then again, the festival will be old news by that time, and players would have earned much of the rewards. In that case, new events will be welcome, and players will gladly tackle those.

There’s a Ton to Look Forward to!

Get to collecting that Lost Ark currency for the festival, because it’s not sticking around for long. There’s still over a month to enjoy, but that will pass like the wind. Before you know it, it’s September, and the event is ending. There will be more to do; you’ll regret not doing it earlier when you’re not pressed for time.

Make sure to grab all the rewards! There’s a long wait ahead, but you can fill that with:

  • Farming Lost Ark gold and Pirate Coins
  • Participating in the festival
  • Improving pets through the Pet Ranch
  • Questing
  • Exploring
  • Raiding

You can do many things in Lost Ark, and with those, you’ll never notice the time fly. Soon you’ll meet the Machinist and be able to enjoy the closest thing to robotic chaos in the game. Keep on enjoying Lost Ark!

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