Selecting a perfect outfit for exercise is overwhelming as you need it to look stylish and comfortable. After enough research, many companies are now offering ideal exercise outfits that are both aesthetically pleasing and functional.

Specific outfits like gym tights will have certain features that are not always instantly noticeable. But knowing this is important to purchase the right one. This article deals with the factors to consider before choosing the best workout clothes. Read further to know about them.

Definition of perfect workout clothing

An ideal outfit for a workout should make you forget that you are wearing it. It should not cause discomfort or push you to quit or feel restricted during the exercise. The below factors will give you a better idea.


It is essential to ensure that your chosen outfit does not disturb your activity. For instance, loose pants during an intense workout can make you hate the training forever. So, first, determine your movement and then go for outfits. For instance, choose gym tights to pull up those stubborn weights, get workout leggings to attain the gentle flow in yoga, etc.

Comfort quotient

Workout clothes must give enough freedom for the body parts to twist and turn. It must not catch or grip your skin whenever you try to stretch. It should provide enough ventilation to prevent overheating. Thin seams, stretchable sleeves, and movement-friendly inner thigs linings are some comfort features in workout gear.

Wicking material

It would help if you chose outfits that let the sweat out but not pour it inside. For this to happen, the fabric of the workout gear must be made of quality wicking material. They can divert the sweat oozing from the skin to the material for evaporation and make you feel dry and comfortable.

Most of the natural fibres are not good enough to wick away sweat. They absorb but stay in the outfit, making it heavy. However, technology has brought in synthetic wicking materials useful for any intense workout.


Most modern workout clothing boasts this feature. Especially, garments that support intimate areas like gym tights, bras and bralettes are manufactured with this feature. You would have noticed how the sweat stink does not go away even after multiple washes.

This does not mean that your outfit is dirty or you did not wash it properly. The only reason behind this is that microbes get trapped in the clothes. You can, however, remove it by using vinegar and baking soda. But the more straightforward way would be to purchase anti-bacterial clothes.

High visibility

Not everyone is a morning person. Some like to workout at night or can only spare time at night. If you are one among them, get outfits with high visibility. Exercise outfits are available with reflective strips and bright colors that make you visible to others on the road.

UV protection

You would know that working out in the sunshine can increase health benefits. But you will be affected by UV rays as well. To escape UV rays but obtain the benefits of the sun simultaneouly, you can switch to outfits that offer UV protection. If you are sun sensitive, check the degree of SPF the clothing can provide.

Thus, these are the health benefits that a quality workout attire can offer. Make sure you consider all these factors before making the final purchase to achieve your workout goals faster.

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