Coffee is a morning staple across the world, and the tastes of the average coffee drinker have never been broader. From classic french roasts to flavored ground coffee to specialty blends, there is room for disruption and innovation in this age-old industry. After perfecting your beans and roasting technique, choosing the best packaging sachet for your coffee is instrumental to getting it safely into the hands of customers.

Maximize Shelf Life of Coffee

Even though coffee won’t expire, it’s still a fresh product with nuances that can be lost with the wrong packaging. Choosing high-quality mylar increases coffee’s shelf life and retains the product’s quality.

Packaging that lets too much oxygen transfer in and out can cause coffee to go stale faster. It can also allow odors and moisture from the environment into the packaging, disrupting the flavor of the coffee. It’s important to choose opaque packaging, as well, to protect the coffee from light that can damage the small compounds that impart distinct flavors and aromas.

Convenience of Resealable Packaging

Many consumers prefer packaging they can securely reseal themselves. Not only does it save the trouble of transferring the coffee to a jar, but it also makes it possible to easily take the product on the go.

If you leave your coffee in a bag and trust a consumer to seal it properly after each use, they’ll likely have stale coffee after a handful of days. Give the consumer an easy and quick way to keep oxygen out in the form of resealable pouch packaging, and they’ll have a more positive overall experience with your coffee product and be more likely to purchase your brand again.

Logistical Benefits of Lighter Packaging

Traditional coffee cans are useful for some purposes, but their large size can turn away casual browsers and cost your brand sales. Packaging your coffee in a smaller and lighter form, as well, provides another option for those who may want to sample the coffee first before committing to a full-sized can.

Marketing Potential of Good Shelf Appeal

The perfect packaging for coffee has to be optimized in both form and function. Unfortunately, many consumers won’t have a chance to taste or smell your coffee when shopping for a new brand at their local store. The appearance of the packaging is the only tool you have to draw these customers to your brand.

Custom coffee bags have advantages in this regard over blank bags and a label sticker. Custom packaging can include more branding information like logos, certifications and brand philosophy that help consumers connect with your coffee. In addition, custom packaging lets you include detailed tasting notes that can give customers a glimpse of what your coffee has to offer.

Sourcing and roasting the perfect coffee is a nuanced labor of love. In order to protect the blends you’ve worked hard to produce, don’t neglect the importance of good packaging. The best packaging keeps your coffee safe, provides an easy way for consumers to keep it fresh and is a crucial marketing tool for your brand.

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