You may come across different design trends and wonder if they make sense for you. Although not everything can be impactful, some ideas can still stay with you and tickle your mind to think about them. One such home design concept is a walk-out kitchen. It was a massive hit in 2019. Did you also notice it? Or is it the first time you have heard about this? Nevertheless, a walk-out kitchen layout provides easy access to the outdoors.

Most walk-out kitchens typically use large doors or windows that connect them with the outdoor space, creating a sense of brightness and airiness. They contain all the amenities and features you would find in a modern kitchen, such as an island, a spacious pantry, and plenty of storage. However, their novelty lies in their ability to invite your outdoor world in and spread indoor charm outside. Homes with a backyard or patio can hugely benefit as this allows them to enjoy the peace and beauty of their outdoor-indoor areas without intruding on their individuality.

One may ask if this is a safe idea to explore. There cannot be a direct answer to this because these choices depend a lot on personal preferences, comfort, lifestyle, size of the home, kitchen, backyard, and more. If you plan a major upgrade, you may want to understand how this theme works. So here are some insights.

Folding door

Deciding on minor improvements like an elegant kitchen faucet color and others can be easy. But you cannot invest in something that demands a significant budget, such as adding a folding door to your kitchen to open this space into your dining room and patio. If that’s not an issue, you may want to study its impact on your indoor and outdoor space. The designers say that your kitchen flooring can be concrete and outdoors can feature poured-concrete pavers. When you look at this view through the glass window of the door or throw open the system, the area suddenly feels more spacious and airy. If your gas grill is closer to the outdoor seating space, the person in the kitchen will not feel alone. They can talk, laugh, and enjoy themselves with others in the backyard.

Are you already considering this? Make sure the climate of your city is suitable for this type of setting. Some city dwellers benefit more from this layout than others in different cities. For example, anyone in Southern California or Minnesota can build this style. But when it comes to enjoyment, the ones living in the coastal area can be more advantaged. A homeowner in Minnesota would have to design this space differently so they can have an easy and fun time even during long cold months.

A pass-through window

This design’s range of creativity and practical application can leave you pleasantly bewildered. Any modern kitchen includes a kitchen bar so that people can hang out while cooking and eating. You only need to push this feature to the boundary where the indoor and outdoor areas meet. A pass-through window can effortlessly take care of this. While you cook and serve drinks from inside, the guests enjoy outdoor seating on the other side as they taste your preparation and chat. If you want to open this space more, juxtapose the folding glass door and the pass-through window. The wide opening will welcome plenty of natural light, increasing the kitchen’s freshness quotient.

However, you may worry about bugs, mosquitoes, and flies stealing your mental peace and not allowing anyone to indulge in this stylish format. Nowadays, you can find a solution to almost everything. More precisely, install retractable screens so the fresh air can waft through smoothly while blocking the passage for blood-sucking or pesky insects.

Similar indoor and outdoor material

Having a smooth movement in and out between indoor and outdoor areas is the key. Using the same materials in the décor will unify the look and make everyone more comfortable sitting anywhere they desire. You can ensure this through any design theme, such as midcentury. Use natural wood in the lounging and dining zone. If you use wood on the patio, you may want to cover this area to protect it from the elements. You don’t have to build solid walls to accomplish this idea. Consider adding a screen to avoid bug problems. This setup may not let a good amount of natural light inside. Your cooking zone can lack it a bit.

French doors

Most city homes are compact. Hence, the idea of connecting outdoors and indoors can feel more enticing. If you agree, opt for the French doors that open to your small deck. The doors will not interrupt the flow of the natural light even when you close them. However, you can bask in the backyard views while working in the kitchen and look forward to stepping out soon.

Things to know

There are plenty of things to experiment with regarding design inspiration. So don’t limit your vision. Keep exploring until you have found your best pick. For example, many people like to install barn doors that easily slide. While the glass panes give a sneak peek into the world outside, the doors serve as a visual treat throughout the day. Hence, it’s crucial not to give up. Also, ensure the glass connections, frames, and materials create a seamless vibe because you want the two worlds to merge and not face different directions.

All these can be fun experimentation if you have enough budget or a spacious home with a good backyard or deck. Sometimes, designers can also help build something out of nothing. But you need to welcome ideas and analyze their practicality. Of course, your time and budget will be critical factors. Then, you may not want to make changes to a place where you don’t intend to stay for long. Hence, ensure you do your research well, know your needs, and decide. Consulting a designer can be a good move. If you have any mental block regarding something, they may help clear it.

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