Buying the ideal pair of glasses is not at all a tough task. You can arrive at an ideal pair in a quick time, especially if you are buying glasses online. However, there are certain basic considerations that you need to make for a satisfactory purchase. Unarguably, one of the most important among them is a pair that is a perfect match for your face shape. 

Just like every type of face shape that has its own features, all styles of glasses too have something distinctive to offer. Glasses should be chosen in a manner so that they help enhance your facial features to perfection. And this is the primary reason why you should be taking your face shape into consideration while buying glasses.

With the proliferation of e-commerce in the UK at a rapid pace, there are brilliant options available for all face shapes when it comes to online specs. To facilitate your purchase, here is a guide that we have curated for men’s glasses that go well with specific face shapes. 


An oval face shape can be defined roughly with a narrow forehead with high cheekbones and a jawline that is slightly curved. When it comes to choosing glasses for an oval face shape, it needs to be noted that this is one of the most versatile face shapes out there.

To add contrast to your oval shaped face with glasses, angular frames such as the square and rectangular ones are strongly recommended. The classic teardrop aviators and the offbeat geometric frames with asymmetrical sides and sharp angles are also brilliant contenders here. 

The retro round frames can also be pulled off with oval face shapes, provided you choose something that is relatively more towards the round end and less towards the oval end.  


When it comes to round face shapes, wide forehead, in combination with fuller cheeks and rounded chin impart relatively soft facial features to people with round face shapes. The focus while choosing your pair of glasses should be to go with one that adds some sharpness to your facial features.

Angular frames such as the square and rectangular are perfect pairs of glasses for men to make your round face look balanced. Talking about the specific styles, you can opt for boxy square frames with sharp edges or the minimal rimless rectangular glasses.

To keep it a little playful, you can try out the iconic wayfarers in bold colours, which will bring about a magical visual appeal to your round face shape.


Being tall and wide, square face shape is defined by features such as a wide forehead with relatively squared chin and a strong jawline. 

Although these face shapes are also quite versatile, round and oval frames will always look brilliant on facial features associated with square face shape. When it comes to these two styles, you have a room wide open to experiment. Aviator glasses also make an amazing option for people with square face shape.


As the name suggests, this face shape is an approximate imitation of the shape of a heart. Talking about some of the defining features, it includes a broad forehead with high cheekbones. As we move from the top of the face to its bottom, there is a general tapering that is observed in the case of a heart shaped face.

While choosing glasses for your heart face shape, you should be looking to add some balance to your wide forehead and add more width to your chins. You can go for the oversized wayfarers or the oval frames that are wider horizontally than vertically. Styles like these occupy a relatively wider area, which goes a long way in shifting the focus away from your broad forehead. The sophisticated browline frames are also an exceptional option here.


Another face shape which makes choosing glasses simple is diamond face shape. This type of face shape is characterised with a narrow forehead, whose breadth is approximately in line with that of jawline and chin. You will also spot fuller cheeks in the case of diamond face shape. 

There are not many limitations here and more options to try out a range of frames. To soften those cheekbones, you can take to the oval or wayfarer frames that are perfect here. 

Now that we have discussed the best frames for different types of face shapes, you are now equipped to proceed with your search for a great pair of spectacles. If you want to buy top-quality pairs of styles discussed above at pocket-friendly prices, heading over the internet is your way to go. 

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